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3L⍉ TH3 S⍉⊔RC3 {Wolf Death Killer} is a American born Multi Intrinsic Progressive Dark Urban / Post-Industrial / Alternative – Omnivert ▪ Composer ▪ Sound Designer ▪ Musician ▪ Digital Artist (Forsaken Aesthetic)▪ Publisher ▪ Songwriter ▪ Vocalist (Sine Nefas) Elo has been noted for his innovative art & sound crafting and steadfast commitment to creative originality in nine art forms & The Originator Of Urban Alternative & TrillVapor. He has a affinity to create all kinds of introspective music ИØƚ ŦØR ƚĦĪ$ ЩØRĿÐ. 
独行道 Dokkōdō † Dark Vibes For Dark Times †

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